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Our Diamond DA40 is a type specific replica of the original complete aircraft flight deck and can be built and configured to meet FNPT II (EASA) or Level 4 and Level 5 (FAA) requirements.

The DA40 simulator replicates this light aircraft’s single engine piston (SEP) variant, while the DA42 resembles the iconic multi engine piston (MEP) propeller version of the same model.


Main features

  • WBFT in-house simulated G1000 (NXi)
  • OEM-grade tactile feeling hardware
  • Simulated GFC700 Autopilot
  • QAR replay functionality
  • User-friendly, intuitive IOS
  • Immersive direct projection system (180 x 40 degrees)
  • By default 1920*1200 Full-HD laser projectors
  • High-precision servo control loaded system
  • Full integration of avionics suite
  • Stereo Sound System
  • Jeppesen® navigation database

Training possibilities

  • Instrument procedure training
  • SEP class rating training
  • Differences/Familiarization training
Technical Details

WB 40 features a 100% replica cockpit of the real Diamond DA40 aircraft, ensuring a truly authentic experience for pilot cadets and instructors alike. 

Comprehensive flight control system that is designed to mimic the actual controls found in the real aircraft, ensuring that your training is as realistic and effective as possible.



WBFT Simulated G1000

WBFT simulated G1000 replicates the integrated avionics system widely used in modern aircraft. More than 70+ simulators equipped with WBFT Simulated G1000 have been certified for PPL training at flight schools.
It combines comprehensive functions on primary flight display (PFD), multi-function display (MFD), and ACP panel into one centralized system, with all the features including advanced navigation, flight planning, traffic alerting, terrain awareness, weather monitoring, engine monitoring, etc.

G1000 NXi is available, with integrated improved display graphics and user interface.

Enhanced Situational Awareness, including synthetic vision technology and an integrated terrain warning system.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Out capability, which allows the aircraft to broadcast its position to other aircraft and air traffic control.

Enhanced integration with other cockpit systems, including autopilot control systems (additional GFC 700 panel) and digital weather radar.

Visual System

The visual system of the WB40 simulator is fully enclosed and designed to provide pilots with an immersive training experience. The system utilizes a 3-channel projection system to seamlessly display a 180-degree horizontal and 40-degree vertical field-of-view image with 6.9 million pixels. These allow pilots to feel immersive in their simulated environment.


To achieve this level of realism, the visual system uses three sets of full HD 1920*1200 Panasonic laser projectors with 6000lm, combined with a high-gain coating composite screen. This combination provides a high-quality image that accurately reflects the simulated environment, allowing pilots to train in a realistic and effective way. Overall, the WB40 simulator’s visual system offers a state-of-the-art training experience that prepares pilots for real-world scenarios.

Simulation Architecture

Wright Brothers’ simulation software, built on the powerful C++ platform with an advanced in-house develop “Core” architecture that includes “Scheduler” and “Autolink” technology.

Scheduler uses cutting-edge multi-threading techniques to optimize hardware and efficiently allocate resources, ensuring real-time scheduling and communication up to 400Hz, to keep the simulations running smoothly.

Autolink establishes a shared data area to guarantee data consistency and security. A comprehensive toolset includes the IOS, QTG tool, SimExplorer, and Recording and Playback, providing you with all the features you need for efficient simulation management and real-time data analysis.

Control Loading System

WB42 simulator features advanced control loading technology, including a 3-channel system that accurately replicates the hydraulic feeling of a real aircraft. 

Our experienced test pilot has expertly tuned the loaded rudder and yoke for maximum realism. Each control loading system is powered by an individual Siemens™️ PLC control unit, which sends position and force data to a high-performance Beckhoff® distributed servo drive for precise control of yaw, pitch, and roll.

Facility requirements

WB40 is the perfect combination of performance and stability with its innovative foot stand design. With a standard setup requiring a W*H*L space, and all parts delivered in a minimal pre-assembled state, installation of the simulator is simplified.

In addition, our mechanical team is able to modify the size to fit your specific space limitations, allowing you to retrofit your simulator room with ease. Whether you are setting up a new simulator or upgrading an existing one, the WB40 offers the perfect balance of form and function to meet your needs.

Image generator

X-Plane 11 pro is a powerful image generator that offers enough advantages for simulator training. It boasts an extensive database of over 10,000 highly-detailed 3D-modeled airports worldwide, providing users with a wide range of locations to train on. 

Additionally, WBFT is able to create custom 3D models of local airports upon request, ensuring that the simulator experience is as close to your latest real-world conditions.

X-Plane supports up to 4K resolution and 60Hz output, resulting in smooth and realistic visual performance.

AFT Cabin

The WB40 simulator aft cabin is designed to comply with various certification regulations and offers an enclosed instructor area that enables instructors and students to concentrate on their training sessions. Equipped with a touchscreen IOS operation system, observer and instructor seats, USB chargers, emergency stops, and printers, our simulator provides a comprehensive solution for flight schools and ATOs. With all your needs taken care of, it’s a complete turnkey solution for your training needs.


The aircraft model, engine model and flight performance are from Diamond DA42 flight test data. it can be certified as a type specific DA40 simulator and credit up to 50% training hours according to FAA FTD level 5. 

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