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Your partner for fixed base flight simulators.

Wright Brothers Flight Technology

What we do


Wright Brothers Flight Technology (WBFT) designs and manufactures Fixed Base Flight simulators.

We offer in-house development and the manufacturing of flight simulators, both propeller engine and jet engine aircraft simulators up to FTD2 (EASA) and Level 5 (FAA and CAAC) for Flight Training Devices (FTDs).

For entertainment businesses and flight enthusiasts, we offer a separate entertainment line. Additionally, WBFT offers supplementary services such as tailored lease and payment solutions FSTD certification support, and a flat trainer for our simulators is under development.

Our simulators


Our product line for the Airbus A320 replicating the actual aircraft cockpit look and feel.


Our product line for the Boeing 737 family replicating the actual Boeing 737NG and Boeing 737MAX.


Our product line for Cessna 172 replicating the actual aircraft equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 system.


Our product line for Diamond 40 and Diamond 42 replicating the actual aircraft equipped with the state-of-the-art Garmin G1000 system.


Our product line for state-of-the-art entertainment simulators multiple aircrafts brands available for purchase of lease.

Why choose us?

One Source

We deliver everything from one-source: In-house development and design enhance flexibility for customizable products and lead to a shorter production lead time.


We offer cost-efficient simulator solutions with products that are designed have low maintenance cost leading to lower AOG time, being more accessible for flight schools.


We offer attractive lease and financing options for our simulator solutions.

Additional services

We offer outstanding service support throughout the complete process and throughout and beyond certification.

Our motivation


We strive to deliver an outstanding value for our customers, and we are keen to build long lasting relationships with our customers. The journey does not end after the purchase of a simulator solution, but we are by your side as partner. We are dedicated to deliver outstanding support.


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