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About the company

About us

Wright Brothers Flight Technology (WBFT) is part of the Wright Brothers Group. The company was founded in 2009 to meet the global demand for cost-efficient flight simulation training. In 2017 WBFT was established as a Dutch subsidy and functions since then as the R&D center. Currently, we employ over 400 people worldwide, have three subsides, operate a flight school and multiple pilot clubs, and have installed over 50 certified flight simulators.

Wright Brothers Group commits to the complete business vertical through flight simulator solutions for the professional and entertainment industry, including the operation of pilot clubs all over China, attractive financing and lease services, and the active involvement of flight training through a US-based flight school.

The Wright Brothers group is a global player delivering affordable and reliable flight simulators.

Our Values


We believe we can grow together with our outer world. Through our products and services, we strive to help our customers to progress with their businesses, and create more opportunities while enhancing industry safety. Our company offers a safe and inclusive workspace built on learning opportunities, cooperation, and creativity for our employees to achieve personal growth and expand our business as a company.

Team Play

Our team brings skills, experience, and best practices to the table from the four corners of the globe. This diversity is our strength, and together we solve problems in a unique and open-minded way.
We are a people-oriented company where we not only enjoy our time together in the daily business but also during a match of ping pong in the office or a dinner party for example.


We create value by offering tailored solutions through a fast and efficient realization and delivery to the market. We offer an agile approach to adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers and focus on finding the best solution for each individual project.


We are reliable in the way we build our products and offer services. At Wright Brothers Flight Technology we believe in maintaining trusted relationships with our customers and we commit to their goals through diligence towards work ethic and work with commitment, intelligence and drive.


Our vision

WBFT provides affordable and accessible simulators for pilot training to ensure safe skies. We aim to accomplish this by filling the gap between Full Flight Simulators and Flat Panel Trainer devices through Flight Training Devices.

We achieve that by combining the strength of two continents, Asia, and Europe. WBFT draws together the hardware, designed & produced in China, with its simulation software expertise in the Netherlands, to fit its customers’ needs.

Taking inspiration from the original Wright Brothers – the flight pioneers of their time – the company to be the first to bring flight training to China. Our products allow the industry to shift training hours from Full Flight Simulators and make pilot training more accessible and affordable for flight training organizations and pilots alike.

Looking for a partner?

Operating a Flight Training Organization is complex and managing growth can be challenging from many perspectives. At Wright Brothers Flight Technology, we believe in long-lasting partnerships.
If you are looking for consolidation, growth, or diversification into different types of training, contact us. We have the in-house capacity to invest and participate in business models relating to professional flight training. We gladly discuss any inquiry together with our team.

Yubin Wang

Managing director

“My passion for aviation has always given me the drive in my career in the industry. I stand together with my team behind the mission to close the gap of pilot training with fixed base flight simulators to provide accesible and affordable solutions for flight schools, while enhancing safer skies. I take great pride in our achievements as a team in such a short time.”

Flight School

The Rotors and Wings Aviation flight school is part of the Wright Brothers group. The pilot school is located in La Verne, California in the United States. The school is a unique combination of the Southern California mainstream market and the Chinese demand for a specially designed flight academy. Rotor and Wings Aviation is currently in the status of its application to become an accepted flight school under Chinese regulations.

The flight school offers private and commercial pilot certification courses for Single Engines and Instrument Rating (IFR).

Pilot clubs

Wright Brothers group also operates pilot clubs in China. We started the project to get individuals to experience the joy of flying an airplane. Over time, the pilot clubs developed in an aviation experience combining flight simulation, flight culture, and flight courses, such as knowledge of aircraft and theory of flying. The aim is to inspire young children and spark their interest in the fascinating world of aviation.  And let them become the pilots of tomorrow.

At the moment, there are over 50 pilot clubs, including a branding store and franchised store, set up all over China. Every month two additional pilot clubs go into operation.