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First WB737 FMS Trainer delivered to Denmark for ATPL pilot training.
13 March 2023

WBFT is excited to announce the launch of our latest flight training technology, the WB737 FMS Trainer! At Wright Brothers Flight Technology, we take pride in delivering the best-in-class training systems, and the WB737 FMS Trainer is no exception. Today, we’re delivering the device to our first customer in Denmark for ATPL pilot training, and we look forward to delivering this cutting-edge technology to airlines and flight schools worldwide. 

The WB737 FMS Trainer utilizes our in-house simulation software, developed using data from Boeing®, ensuring high fidelity logic and performance of the Boeing 737 airplane. The comprehensive integration of EFIS, MCP, throttle quadrant, DU, transponder landing gears etc., related to autopilot and FMS, provides students with a realistic training experience. This ensures that they can learn and practice all the necessary procedures required to become proficient pilots. 

Our Danish customer has opted for the tablet version of the FMS trainer, which includes a high-end Microsoft® Surface Pro tablet and a WBFT in-house developed CDU. The intuitive design of the system allows students to input flight plans and perform training procedures, providing a practical, hands-on experience and a memorable learning experience. 

The compact suitcase-size trainer is easy to transport and can be used offline, making training possible even without access to power supply. We believe this innovative and comprehensive training technology will help pilots to get the training they need to soar to new heights with confidence! 

Overall, we are thrilled to bring this state-of-the-art technology to the aviation industry and contribute to the development of safer flights.