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The Future of Aeronautical Engineering.
16 January 2023

Encouraging the next generation of aeronautical engineers is a vital role for WBFT in the industry as the company was founded by aeronautical experts. It is vital to invest in the future of Dutch aviation therefore we offer a valuable opportunity to our interns to discover their full potential and gain a hands-on experience in the industry which will help pave the way for their career.

Phone htet paing is a highly motivated and skilled aeronautical engineering student and our newest intern who is a valuable team member of WBFT. Phone is currently researching the possibility of adding a motion platform to professional flight simulators.

Many Approved flight training organizations do not uphold the budget for a full flight simulator as the price is significantly high, which can create a barrier to professional flight training. Here at WBFT, our main motivation is creating professional flight training more accessible therefore, we are researching how to best replicate flight conditions by adding a motion platform to our flight simulators while maintaining an affordable price for student pilots.

One of our major pillars at WBFT is innovation, we are constantly researching how to implement the newest technologies to provide the highest standards for professional pilot training. We do this by always providing the most accurate replications of flight conditions to minimize any risk, and better prepare pilots for training on a real aircraft as this is our commitment to the flight training industry.