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Operating and maneuvering an aircraft in a safe simulated environment is a dream come true for many youngsters and adults. Building affordable flight simulators for the entertainment industry has been part of our business for many years. In fact, that is how WBFT started. We pay tribute to our legacy and offer a product line of flight simulators that replicate generic jet or generic piston engine aircraft. These simulators are easy to operate and require limited knowledge of aircraft systems, avionics etc. Our simulators are used in e.g. entertainment pilot centers where they are part of education programs for young students who want to familiarize with the exciting world of aviation.

Main features:

  • Affordable generic jet or piston engine aircraft simulators.
  • Short back order times and fast to deploy.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Durable well evolved design.
  • No in depth aviation knowledge required.
  • Integration with X-Plane visual.
  • Realistic flight models and aerodynamic behavior.
  • Suitable for educational institutes to familiarize with flying.
  • Can be used to train procedures and to orientate with typical piston or jet cockpit lay-out.

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